Shift: Hostof all Worthy Saturday Night
Other Jobs at The Point: Official magazine supplier for the Point 94.1 control room!
Birthdate: April 14th.
Astrological Sign: Aries.
Traffic Sign: Bumps Ahead.

Sign that ‘Times, they are a-changin’: The 80's are considered classic rock, young beautiful women are now beginning to call me sir and cd players are now old technology.
The fastest you can change clothes:

If I'm being forced to attend a business function that number can range into hours.
Your Theme Song: Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver".
The Best Songs: Journey's "Good Morning Girl", Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street", Beatles "Carry that Weight/The End", Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song"
The Best Artists: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd
Best Food: I love Mexican from the Hacienda Restaurant. My second favorite would have to be blackened prime rib from the Faded Rose.
Best Web Sites: I regularly check out the Point home page along with, and the Sylvan Hills class of 1986 website.
Best Real Sites: I love San Francisco, New York, Cancun and anywhere with some shade and a breeze.
Favorite Toy As A Child: Hot Wheels and anything Evel Knievel.
Favorite Toys As An Adult: My 2 year old son Aidan, and my Peavey Wolfgang Eddie Van Halen striped custom guitar.
When Away From Work I: Play with my son, play basketball and play guitar. Can you tell I like to play a lot?
If I weren’t in radio, I’d: Probably be unhappy! I have always had a deep passion for radio. It's either in your blood or it's not.
If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d:  Start a garden, build a hut, get an awesome tan and generally become a human vegetable. However, I would have to build a radio out of coconuts so that I could at least check out the Point 94.1!