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Wild Man Steve Wilson from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission will drop every Wednesday for "Wild" Wednesday.

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Do you know, or work with someone, who has a problem everyone knows about, but no one wants to mention? Well, they're the perfect candidate for ................. Intervention.  

Send us the details of someone you think needs an Intervention, and if you're selected, we will take this awkward situation out of your hands, and confront them on air with their problem. Maybe it's letting your Dad know he wears his pants far too high, or having someone inform your boss he has a personal body odor issue (without the downside of you being fired). Whatever it is, you can walk forward in life knowing you did the right thing.


Your Name (we need this, but you can request to be anonymous if you like)

Mobile Phone

Work Phone

Their Name

Their Occupation

Their Mobile Phone

Their Work Phone

Issue needing intervention

How long has this been a problem

Is this issue widely known about amongst friends/associates?

Have you ever tried to bring this up before?

Send all of the above information to Ashley and Drew at