Rick moved to Arkansas with his family in late 1982 from California. Having lived in the great state of Arkansas for over 30 years, he now claims to be a “naturalized Arkansan”. A place, he's happy to call home.

A graduate of UCA, he has been a part of Little Rock radio for 25 years, having worked on a variety of Little Rock radio stations. The proud son of an Air Force Retiree, he is also the husband of an ARMY Reserve Vet, and a combat Vet himself having served in the Marine Corps Reserve with I Co. 3/23 at Camp Pike and was activated with his unit for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm on 1990-1991.

A staunch supporter of the military, with a soft spot for Veterans and their families, Rick helps in any way he can with Veterans causes.

Listen to Rick@Night from 7 til midnight, Get Lead Out @ 8, who’s wearing an orange onesy, with Then There’s This and The Rock of 80’s, the best hour on the radio.

Send Rick an email to Rick@KKPT.com