Shift: Middays, 10a-3p.
Other Jobs at The Point: Music Director, I’m also the
official “tall guy” at The Point, so I change light bulbs.
Birthdate: February 20.
Astrological Sign: Pisces.
Traffic sign: Slow, Children at Play.
The fastest you can change clothes: I’ve gone from remotes to formal-dress functions, changed in the station van – 4 minutes.
Your Theme Song: Don’t Stop Believin’ - Journey
The Best Songs: Wheel In The Sky – Journey, Something About You – Boston, Black Coffee In Bed – Squeeze, When The Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin.
The Best Artists
: Journey, Boston, Pink Floyd, Styx, Def Leppard.

Best TV Shows: The Shield, Sanford & Son, Late Show With David Letterman.
Best Movies: The Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, Animal House, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Scarface, Tombstone, Fletch, This is Spinal Tap, Scent of a Woman.
Best Concerts: Pink Floyd, Journey, Kiss (in full makeup, with pyro), Melissa Etheridge, Sammy Hagar,
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Who.
Favorite Moment "On The Air": I can’t tell you my “favorite moment”, but getting on “Paramedics” was a close second. (They still show that on T.L.C. and Discovery).
Most Embarrassing Moment "On The Air": Getting up on stage in front of a huge crowd to introduce a band, I was alone with one big spotlight, and the microphone was dead. I stood there for two minutes waving at the crowd waiting for the sound guy to fix it.  I looked like an idiot.
Best Food: Anything at Feltner’s Whatta Burger in Russellville, and Fried Catfish.
Best Web, and
Best Real Sites: New Orleans French Quarter, Eureka Springs, Phoenix AZ.
Favorite Toys As A Child: A Chemistry Set (Now that’s really scary!).
Favorite Toys As An Adult: My DVD collection, and you’d have to see my desk to understand the rest.
When Away From Work I: Spend time with my dog Max, go to the movies, work around my house (Bob Villa is a
distant uncle).
Other Interests Besides Radio: Movies, Music, Fishing, Pro Football, Road Trips!
If I weren’t in radio, I’d: Go back to what I used to do….Working on Nuclear Power Plants (more money!),
Or, I’d become a bartender and move to the Bahamas.
Ten Albums I'd need if I were stranded on a desert island: Journey - Escape, Journey - Infinity, Def Leppard - Pyromania, Journey - Frontiers, Boston - Boston, REO Speedwagon – Hi Infidelity, Eagles - Greatest Hits Vol. II, Van Halen - 5150, Styx - Paradise Theater.