Shift:  Weekday Mornings, 6:00-10:00
Other Jobs at The Point:  The Official Point 94.1 Soccer Mom.  I keep all of the guys in line! 

Birthdate:  August 19th                                   
Astrological Sign: Leo....Roaarrr                                                         Your Theme Song: Runnin' Down a Dream-Tom Petty                                                                 The Best Artists: The Beatles, The Doobie Brothers, CCR, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones


Best TV Shows: With 3 kids, I don't have a lot of time for anything except the Disney Channel. I do like Revenge and any of the singing competitions.

Best Movies: Terms of Endearment, Wizard of Oz, Pretty Woman, Christmas Vacation, The Help, Steel Magnolias.

Best Concerts: Bon Jovi  

Best Food:  My ideal meal would be BBQ, Peach Cobbler and a big ol' sweet tea. Can you tell I'm a Southern girl?

Best Web Sites: I'm a facebook and twitter addict.        

Best Real Sites:  The Gulf Coast, Smoky and Ozark Mountains.

Favorite Toys As A Child: My Dad's DrumSet.

Favorite Toys As An Adult:  iPad and iPhone 

When Away From Work I: Drive my kids to ballgames and other events. My favorite is to cuddle up with the family on the couch and watch a good movie.

Other Interests Besides Radio: Traveling and Dance 

If I weren’t in radio, I’d: Probably teach dance classes.  That's right!  I can tap dance.